"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

~ Michelle Obama

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Samantha is a wife and mum to a wild-at-heart 6 year old girl. She grew up in Hervey Bay where she danced & played many sports. As a young adult she travelled the world and this is where she discovered her passions: natural health & wellness.

In particular, Sam's passion has always been deep in wellness for women. Having studied Aromatherapy, Naturopathy and being a self confessed self-development & spiritual junkie, she once again followed her soul-calling to become a Yoga Instructor.

Yoga has deeply changed Samantha's life. Not only physically, also emotionally & mentally. The combination of spirituality, self-exploration + science is one that continually fascinates and directs her learning. 


 Samantha says:

"My mission now is to bring a sense of ease to yoga for women, particularly mums like myself, as a tool so that they can reach their true potential, radically love themselves & be happy in the skin they're in!"

In Sam's yoga classes, you will start with a moment to pause and breathe... (something that most of us don't get to do very often). This process of coming into your body and being fully present in the moment is the basis of Sam's yoga classes. 

Every class has a theme and a purpose.

Samantha's woman-focused sequences are all about promoting overall health, including cleansing the chakras and balancing your hormones.


Not only will you feel the physical benefits of yoga through strength and flexibility, you will also feel the mental & emotional benefits as well. In today's busy world, many women are feeling the effects of stress & anxiety, which leaves us feeling exhausted, tired and strained. "It is absolutely vital to be able to pause and tune in to yourself."

Samantha will teach you sustainable tools and practices that you can use everyday to find ease & joy in your life. 

No experience necessary. All levels are welcome, just bring along yourself, your mat and be ready to open your mind to the world of yoga - your overall health practice.