Yoga Instructor

Jaye has vast experience working in health retreats that specialise in stress related illness.


In 2014, Jaye founded Renew Health Retreat, that offers private One in One Retreats for life people with stress related illness, and yoga is a key component of all programs offered.


Yoga Chi Gung is a combination of teachings from Qi Gung, Traditional Yoga, Tai Chi and Martial Arts. It includes a variety of postures, stretch, strengthen, massage, and tone the muscles and tendons, making them both stronger and more flexible.


YCG also helps the individual to cultivate self-awareness and it engenders health of the body and mind. Similarly, it is a way of unblocking and increasing life energy. It also improves emotional strength and stability, mental clarity and physical vitality.


The movements are fluid and gentle and appeal to all ages, with a body-friendly approach. This allows the individuals to cultivate an attitude of harmony and relaxation in Thier lives and it greatly improves the blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body.

Please be sure to bring with you to your yoga class with Jaye...

- yoga mat if you have one ( we can lend you one)

- comfortable warm clothes and socks

- a blanket

- a pillow for under your legs

- water bottle

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

~ Michelle Obama

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