Lucy & Anna

Creche Operators

These girls absolutely LOVE children!
Lucy & Anna are fun, energetic and young! Through running the Barre & Bliss Creche, their goal is to support mums in  having a stress-free class, without worrying about being away from their kids.

During creche times, your children will have fun playing games, craft, reading books & more!

Both Lucy and Anna have had lots of experience with children. Both girls have a current BLUE CARD & First Aid Certificate, so you can be rest assured, your child is in safe hands. 

Lucy is a high school graduate with a passion for Dance. She grew up dancing, her mum (Karen) is a dance teacher and she herself is a dance teacher, teaching littlies at a local dance school. You will often see Lucy coming along to help out at our Barre & Bliss events, so be sure to say Hi and have a chat!

Anna is studying to be a speech pathologist and has had lots of experience with children as part of placements, in her job as a Therapy Aide and has also had various babysitting jobs. Anna is a regular attendee of Barre & Bliss classes! She is uber flexible - an ex-dancer, and loves to have a chat anytime.

Creche times vary every week so be sure to check the booking app to stay up to date. Also, please feel free to request certain days by messaging our Facebook Page.

Creche is just $5 for 1 child and if you have 2 or more children, just $10 for all of them.